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Electrodeionization Plants

EDI skid 145 m3/h


Plug and play, skid mounted
demi water system:
Softener, RO and EDI

Lenntech engineers design and build tailor-made EDI plants.

Our EDI plants are built with conventional plate-and-frame arrangement EDI modules up to 145 m3/h, to produce demi or ultra-pure water from RO permeate or IX demi-plants.

Feed water max conductivity 40 µS/cm
Feed water max hardness < 1 ppm
Demi / ultra pure water quality 8-18 MΩ
Recovery 90-95%

Our EDI plants include:
- Feed pump (optional)
- EDI modules
- Resistivity probe
- Electrical valves and fittings
- Instrumentation
- Control panel

In additions to the EDI trains, Lenntech can also built "all in one" turn key demi water systems. These systems include the pre-treatment, Reverse Osmosis and EDI-modules.

All components can be operated with a single controller

What is EDI?

Electrodeionization (EDI) modules

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