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Hydroponic UV Systems disinfection

Medium Pressure UV System for Hydroponic Water Treatment

Lenntech has developed a medium pressure UV system for hydroponic water treatment.


  • 1 lamp / 1 UV chamber

  • Medium pressure UV lamp (broad UV spectrum)

  • UV monitor

  • automatic lamp wiper

  • power variation


  • lower or identical overall costs compared to multilamp system

  • guaranteed disinfection due to UV sensor control

  • less maintenance

  • high operational safety

  • high energy efficiency due to power variation

  • longer lamp life due to power variation

  • medium pressure UV lamp means a broad UV spectrum

  • temperature sensor

  • automatic wiper

HP Series Medium Pressure UV system

The figure on the left shows the UV spectrum of a low pressure UV lamp (black column) versus a medium pressure UV lamp (the blue columns!).
The red line is the DNA absorption curve.

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