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Axeon Filtration

Axeon Water Technologies provides a complete offering of products to address all water treatment applications from point-of-entry to point-of-use. We are a true OEM of membrane systems, membrane elements, membrane housings and membrane chimicals. All of the products we manufacture utilize the highest quality materials and manufacturing principles, and meet the highest quality standards.

Axeon Membrane Elements

Membrane Elements

HR series

HF series

TF series

TN series

Axeon Pressure vessels

Axeon Membrane Housings

Axeon Membrane Chemicals

Axeon Softener Systems

Lenntech can also help you with similar brackish or seawater filters or filtration systems for optimum water purification.

For RO design questions and engineering calculations and manuals or handbooks please contact us at info@lenntech.com. Lenntech also supplies the reverse osmosis membranes from Knappe Composites, Hydranautics, GE-Osmonics, Trisep, Phoenix, Ropur, Codeline, Knappe, Protec, Toray & Koch. Lenntech the water purification manufacturer.

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