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Biological Excess Sludge Reduction

Sludge Treatment

There are biological gentle process supports for activated sludge processes available on the market. Their application causes quick and durable saving of costs.

With the bio-available vitamin folic acid in stabilized form, the metabolism of the microorganisms acting in the activated sludge tank can be stimulated. Furthermore it supports the sensitive balance of the microbiological species diversification. All this encourages the development of a healthy, efficient biomass and leads to a significant improvement and acceleration of activated sludge processes.

Thanks to the presence of concentrated anti-stress factors, i.e. folic acid and other biological active components, which are identical to those, that are in the cells themselves, the application results in:

- Significant reduction of biological excess sludge
- Increasing of process stability
- Improvement of sludge characteristics due to the containment of excessive growth of filamentous organisms, which leads to improved settle ability and easier thickening of the sludge and to savings on chemical operational supplements.

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